Rodenstock Superior

For the quality concious:
Customers who attach value to better vision and reliable quality.

Spectacles wearers who are looking for a branded product at good value for money.

Progressive Lens

Single Vision Lens

Near Vision Comfort Lens

Benefits to Patients

  • Better vision and reliable quality.
  • Looking for branded product at good value for money. 


Progressive Lenses

Perfect for every need

Retina Focus Principle

With the Retina Focus Principle, an imaging true to refraction on the retina is ensured. By taking the real
situation in wear into account, the spectacle wearer is provided with exactly the prescription he or she needs for visionat near with Rodenstock progressive lenses

Without Retina-Focus-Principle

With Retina-Focus-Principle

Individual Vision Field

  • Maximum vision zones tailored to your personal lifestyle. 100% natural vision right from the start – you no longer have to learn to get used to our new progressive lenses. 
  • Maximum image stability in all dynamic work thanks to minimal distortion.
  • Full utilisation of your personal vision potential for pin-sharp and high contrast vision, in particular in twilight. 

Progressiv PureLife Free® 2


• Brilliant, clear vision from far to near, with larger vision zones
• Fatigue-free vision through the Retina Focus Principle
• Availble in mineral as ’Progressiv PureLife

Progressiv PureLife®


• Brilliant, clear vision from far to near, with larger vision zones
• Fatigue-free vision through the Retina Focus Principle
• Availble in mineral as ’Progressiv PureLife

Progressiv Life Free® 2


• Balanced visual areas for compatibility
• Consistent reflection over the whole surface due to spherical front surface

Progressiv SI® 2


• Good value for money
• Wide far and near vision zones for comfortable vision
• Substantially reduced astigmatism in the periphery
• Available with a short and long progressive corridor

Single Vision Lenses

The sharpest, clearest vision

Lens Difference

Standard Single Vision Lens

Cosmolit Free


The new high-tech material PRO410 protects
against potentially harmful high-energy blue light
and provides 100% UV protection (UVA/UVB).

The incident light is filtered by PRO410 – light
components with a wavelength of over 410 nm pass through the glass. These light components are important for vision and colour perception, as well as for undisturbed circadian rhythm (sleep-wake rhythm). Hence, the new material PRO410 ensures optimal protection and well-being.

Cosmolit Free 


• Perfectly balanced thin geometry and optical performance according to the Rodenstock design philosophy
• Rodenstock HEP semi-finished lenses
• Spherical front surface, Aspherical/atoric back surface
• Rotationally symmetric
• Finely stepped base curve system

Perfalit Free


• Rotationally symmetric
• Rodenstock HEP semi-finished lenses
• Spherical front surface, spherical/toric back surface
• Finely stepped base curve system

Near Vision Lenses

Comfort for your vision

Progressiv Ergo 2

  • An individual fitting of the vision zones to your personal working and vision environment.
  • Reflection-free vision.
  • Spectacles you will also enjoy wearing at home.
  • Fatigue-free vision

Lens Viewing Options

Ideal vision in the near and reading zones has become more and more important in the present era of digital progress. Not only in the job also at home we check our e-mails on the tablet, read our books on e-readers or surf the net from the sofa.


Ergo PC




For comfortable, fatigue-free reading and working in the near zone up to at least 90 cm, e.g. for:
• Reading books, newspapers, magazines and e-readers
• Using a tablet
• Model building, handicrafts

Ergo PC


For an ergonomically correct head and body posture when working with a computer up to at least 120 cm, e.g. for:
• All types of computer or monitor work
• Playing music, cooking, boardgames or DIY



For relaxed stress-free vision up to a room distance of 5 metres, e.g. for:
• Computer work with an extended vision area, e.g. presentations,meetings or talks
• Workplaces which combine near work with talking with other people
• Snooker, watching TV, painting, gardening, sculpturing or car restoration