Stock Lens Series

Stock lens are ready made or finished lens that are available in-house. Stock lens can be receive on the same day of order. 

Asahi Lite ​

Pioneer in Premium High Refractive Index Plastic Lenses for more than 30 years in the history of Japan.


Quality lenses suitable for everyday use comes with advanced anti-reflective treatment.

Younger Optics

Transition Signature Lenses provide visual comfort without compromising optical performance for everyday use.


Trivex Lenses have excellent impact resistance, optical properties and tensile strength. Also, Trivex lenses are exceptionally lightweight.

General Lens

Basic lenses ensures clear vision with option of un-coated or coated lenses with scratch-resistance, oil repellent and anti-reflective coating.

Sun Lens

High quality sunlenses, with and without polarization effect, that protect the consumers from sun rays.