Rodenstock Portfolio

A lens is not just a lens.

By choosing the Rodenstock quality brand, you have chosen quality, tradition, and security. The Rodenstock brand stands for innovative power in ophthalmic optics – and this has been the case for more than 140 years. Since then customers can rely on highest level of handcrafted perfection and 100% German engineering competence.

Rodenstock is the only manufacture offering the perfect symbiosis of highly precise lenses and timeless elegant frames into a unique “System of Better Vision”. With this combination and the permanent optimization of all products and service. Rodenstock reaches a unique benefit to fulfill the brand promise: See better.Look perfect. 

Since 1877, we have been pursuing a single goal: better vision. In doing so, we always make sure that we meet all requirements of spectacles wearers. To easily meet the demands and select the right lens, we divided our portfolio in three categories:

We meet customer's demand

At Rodenstock, we give highly reliable brand quality, provide outstanding vision comfort, and consider individual vision demands without compromising.

Reliable brand quality
• Highly advanced lenses, tried and
tested a million times
• Up to 25% better vision in the near
and intermediate zone

Outstanding vision comfort
• Clear improvement of the visual
• Spontaneous visual well-being and
excellent spatial perception
• A brilliant vision experience with
exceptional detail  

Individuality without compromising
• Security of having the best
Rodenstock product for the very
highest demands
• Pin-sharp vision at all distances
and in all lighting conditions
• Considers individual vision