For progressive lenses, it is vital to have an accurate adaptation to the glasses wearer and one’s visual requirements. There are ma innovative products. Our revolutionary Eye Lens Technology, or EyeLT® for short, sets standards here in connection with the best com progressive lenses in three categories. That way, you can find the Rodenstock lens that meets your requirement.

Impression® 2

  • Improved vision in all lighting conditions
  • Personalised by taking all individual parameters into account
  • Optimised correction values for near and far range at all distances


Multigressiv MyView® 2

  • Excellent 3D vision and wider near and intermediate zones
  • Best binocular vision properties with different power strengths
  • Natural head posture while reading
  • Simple handling without additional measurement

Progressiv PureLife Free® 2

  • Brilliant, clear vision from far to near, with larger vision zones
  • Fatigue-free vision via Retina Focus Principle
  • Improved optical performance due to the optimised power range within a refined base curves system

Progressiv Life Free® 2

  • Balanced visual areas for compatibility
  • Suitable for small frames



Each person is different and therefore require different lenses based on a different way of living.

  • You like experiencing new things
  • You carry out diverse tasks in everyday life
  • You are always looking for variety
  • You spend a lot of time outdoors
  • You enjoy your active and exciting life
  • You are always on the move
  • You often work on the go
  • You have many meetings and presentations
  • You convince with excellence

Are you looking for an INDIVIDUAL design?

Here the focus is completely on individuality: Because with this variant the progressive lenses are customised to the eyes of your customer and their lifestyle. No matter whether your customer spends  a lot of time outdoors or works more frequently in the near vision range. Even the most subtle nuances can be designed accordingly to the individual requirements.


  • Balanced lens design
  • Large vision zones for all distances
  • Significantly improved image stability


Lifestyle active
  • Best peripheral view
  • Particularly large far vision field
  • Large intermediate vision fields
  • Highest image stability


  • Extra wide and comfortable transition from distance to near vision
  • Large vision field for near and intermediate distances
  • Very high image stability

The lifestyle concept is available in the Rodenstock premium category:


Impression FreeSign® 3

  • Tailored to your eyes. Now you can utilise 100% of your vision potential at all distances
  • Unique design flexibility: Design adapted to your unique vision demands
  • See better. Look perfect


Multigressiv MyLife® 2

  • Maximum area of clearest vision, perfectly matched to the personal lifestyle
  • Dynamic activity mastered by maximum image stability and minimum distortion
  • A completely new feeling of life: relaxed, efficient and full of energy