Impact Resistant

Trivex Lens

Trivex lenses, developed in the United States by PPG Industries, are available in a wide variety of lens designs and features, including progressive lenses and photochromic lenses.


Trivex lenses are made of an exceptionally clear, lightweight lens material, which translates into excellent all-day wearing comfort. So you can experience superior eye protection, sharp vision and lightweight comfort — all in the same lenses.. Trivex material is a unique, scientifically-advanced category of lens material developed to provide the best balance of performance properties.

Clear Vision

For reading, computer work, driving, and any time vision acuity is important, Trivex material provides the optical quality that optimises corrective prescriptions and helps to reduce eye strain.

Leight-Weight Comfort

Lenses made with Trivex material are ultra-light for ultimate comfort; Trivex material is one of the lightest lens materials on the planet. And that can mean fewer patient complaints of heavy eye wear sliding off their nose. Unlike other lens materials, Trivex material blends the benefits of lightness and thinness, often resembling the thinness of a high index lens, but weighing even less than polycarbonate.

Strength and Protection

For the demands of everyday living, eyeglass lenses need to provide protection from unexpected impact, breakage and from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Unexpected physical contact can happen at any moment. Trivex material provides high impact resistance when it is needed the most—like while playing sports or working in a hazardous environment.* The durability and robustness of Trivex material—plus its stress-free characteristics make it an excellent choice for rimless (or drill-mount) frames and any lightweight fashion frames that rely on lenses for structural rigidity. And to protect your patients’ eyes from the sun, Trivex material blocks 100% of harmful UV rays.It was designed specifically for drill mount frames and is manufactured by Younger Optics™ and is not as easy to scratch as Polycarbonate. Perfect for children’s lenses, sport goggles and safety lenses.