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Benefits Of Freeform Lenses:
1. They provide maximized visual acuity at all distances with wider intermediate and near zones.
2. There is minimal visual ‘swim and sway’.
3. Low level of unwanted astigmatism.
4. Atoric designs flatten and thin the lenses and also broaden the field of view at all distances.
5. There is an increase in the field of view at all distances as the progressive portion is placed on the backside of the lens.
6. Since freeform PAL designers recommend fitting heights in the mid-teen range, these lenses will fit in many small frames.
7. Freeform lenses accommodate unusual or atypical Rx’s (i.e., high-cylinder power, high-minus power), making wearing PALs easier.

Progressive Lens Specifications


General daily usage

Fully personalized design with a balance between distance and near vision. Highly recommended for experienced and demanding progressive wearers who are looking for an all-purpose, comfortable progressive lens with wider visual fields at all distances.

Freeform Progressive Alpha

Ultimate Alpha

Soft and free form progressive lens design that adapts to the wearer’s prescription for easier adaptation as well as more comfortable vision. Recommended for new progressive lens wearer.

Freeform Progressive Lens

Ultimate Alpha

Atoric progressive lenses which can provide wearers with astigmatism more natural vision, especially at near. Using Ametropic Inset System to provide wider near vision and very easy adaptation for every user.

Freeform Progressive Lens

Ultimate Alpha

Enhanced and versatile progressive lenses offering balanced vision across all distances for wearers with more mobile and demanding lifestyles. Applying Independent Reading Inset System to ensure the widest reading area for every individual.

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