Rodenstock Excellence

For the discerning:
Customers who want a clear improvement of visual quality and visual comfort.

Spectacles wearers who are looking excellent product performance at excellent value of money.

Progressive Lens

Single Vision Lens

Near Vision Comfort Lens

Benefits to Patients

  • A clear improvement in vision quality and vision comfort.
  • Excellent product performance at excellent value of money.
  • Reliable brand quality is a top priority. 


Progressive Lenses​

Perfect for every need

Pupil Optimization

This pin-sharp vision at every light condition can be achieved by the pupil-optimised correction. 

Pin-sharp vision at near distances and small pupils

Pin-sharp vision at far distances and large pupils

PD Optimised Inset

PD-optimized inset for maximum binocular vision zones offers the user even better vision in near and intermediate zones thanks to individual PD. The unique customization can only be done by Rodenstock. The converge effort for near vision is directly dependent on one’s individual pupil distance. 

Multigressiv MyLife® 2


• Excellent 3D vision and spatial perception
• Largest vision zones for all prescriptions
• Natural posture of the head while reading
• High vision acuity over the entire lens
• Sharp vision & fatigue-free reading

Multigressiv MyView® 2


• Maximum areas of clearest vision, perfectly matched to the personal lifestyle
• Dynamic activity mastered by maximum image stability and minimum distortion
• Greatest spontaneous compatibility without acclimatisation time
• Very thin and aesthetic progressive lenses

Single Vision Lenses

The sharpest, clearest vision

Lens Difference

Standard Single Vision Lens

Multigressiv Mono 2

Mono Plus 2

Mono Plus 2 is the response to the special vision demands of our times. Notebooks, smart phones or e-books have become integral parts of our everyday lives; however, they also put incredible strains on the eyes. Whenever it is necessary to change vision distances frequently, Mono Plus 2 is the decisive added relaxation for the active spectacle wearer up to the age of 45 with and accommodation assistance of +0.5 D and +0.8 D. Mono Plus 2 helps prevent the appearance of fatigue by slight accommodation support in the lower lens region. For fresh, relaxed and appealing eyes. Every day in every situation.

Multigressiv Mono 2


• Clear improvement of the visual quality
• Highest purity and clarity of the lenses
through Homogenius Technology
• UV protection against premature skin
aging in the sensitive eye area
• Ideal aesthetics thanks to very thin

Multigressiv Mono Plus 2


• Relaxed vision for active wearers –
throughout the day
• Supports the natural movement of the
eyes on frequent changes between near
and far
• A brilliant vision experience

Near Vision Lenses

Comfort for your vision

Multigressiv Ergo 2

  • An individual fitting of the vision zones to your personal working and vision environment.
  • Reflection-free vision.
  • Spectacles you will also enjoy wearing at home.
  • Fatigue-free vision

Lens Viewing Options

Ideal vision in the near and reading zones has become more and more important in the present era of digital progress. Not only in the job also at home we check our e-mails on the tablet, read our books on e-readers or surf the net from the sofa.


Ergo PC




For comfortable, fatigue-free reading and working in the near zone up to at least 90 cm, e.g. for:
• Reading books, newspapers, magazines and e-readers
• Using a tablet
• Model building, handicrafts

Ergo PC


For an ergonomically correct head and body posture when working with a computer up to at least 120 cm, e.g. for:
• All types of computer or monitor work
• Playing music, cooking, boardgames or DIY



For relaxed stress-free vision up to a room distance of 5 metres, e.g. for:
• Computer work with an extended vision area, e.g. presentations,meetings or talks
• Workplaces which combine near work with talking with other people
• Snooker, watching TV, painting, gardening, sculpturing or car restoration