Nova Stock Lens

Vision correction at far and near

Sometime after age 40, you will begin to notice the symptoms of presbyopia, including that feeling that your arms “aren’t long enough” to hold a newspaper or magazine at a position where you can read it clearly.

While most presbyopes these days choose line-free progressive lenses, conventional bifocals have some advantages over progressives. In particular, bifocal lenses usually provide wider reading than progressive lenses while with a set back of “image jump” from far to near vision.

Though multifocal lenses usually are prescribed for adults over age 40 to compensate for presbyopia, in some cases bifocals are prescribed for children and young adults who have eye teaming or focusing problems that cause eye strain when reading.

Flat Top 28

Flat Top Bifocal 28mm

Flat Top 28 Bifocal

  • Clear lens: Index 1.5 Flat Top
  • Photochromic lens: Index 1.56 Flat Top

Tinting available

Round Seg

RoundSeg Bifocal 28mm

Round Seg 28 Bifocal

  • Clear lens: Index 1.5 Round Seg
  • Photochromic lens: Index 1.56 Round Seg

Tinting available

Blended 35

Blended Bifocal 35mm

Blended Bifocal 35mm

  • Clear lens : Index 1.5 , 1.56 , 1.61 ,1.67, 1.74
  • Clear lens with UV420: Index 1.5 , 1.56 , 1.61 ,1.67, 1.74

Tinting available

  • Photochromic lens : Index 1.56
  • Photochromic lens with UV420 : Index 1.56 , 1.61, 1.67, 1.74




Executive Bifocal

Executive Bifocal

  • Impact Resistant : Index 1.56 Hivex E-line